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The 'James Connolly Festival' is an annual event that hosts a broad list of cultural and political acts and events - with music, theatre, poetry, films, art, debates and lectures intended for a new risen people.

In May of 2015 the Socialist Voice, in association with The New Theatre, hosted the inaugural week long political / cultural festival in the heart of Dublin City.

This festival is an extension of the 'James Connolly Memorial Weekend', where esteemed national and international guest speakers such as Sister Teresa Forcades and James Petras have given the James Connolly Memorial lecture. This is followed by a wreath laying ceremony at Arbour Hill on the Sunday, to mark the occasion of Connolly's execution and to pay tribute to him and to the other leaders of the 1916 rising.

The aim of the festival is to promote progressive culture and to facilitate debate around current and contemporary politics. James Connolly of course was one of the founders of the Irish trade union movement, so one of the main goals of the festival will be to highlight the ideas of Connolly and the importance of trade unions for workers, especially among our youth. The festival will also promote non sexist culture and politics and will embrace progressive Irish theatre and artists, which will allow for a comfortable space for debate, that promotes the exchange of ideas and cultures.

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